Bionomics of first instar of the giant mealy bug, Drosicha corpulenta, and its control

Chen, H.-Jie; Zhang, J.-Yong; Tu, H.-Tao; Chen, D.-Ya; Guo, X.-Hui

Kunchong Zhishi 46(3): 463-465


By observing in the field, the giant mealy bug hatched from the beginning of January Zhengzhou. But they stayed in the soil until the beginning of February, when the highest temperature reached about 6 appr. 8deg. C. The peak of the larvae climbing up the tree is from the middle to the end of February. Being bred at 14, 18, 22, 26, and 30deg. C, the development threshold temperature for first instar is 7. 9deg. C, and the effective accumulated temperature is 203.8 degree-day. Treated with pesticide strip on the trunk, the number of larvae can be reduced over 98% on the tree.