Zoonotic parasites mostly helminths in a rainforest zone of southern nigeria

Obiamiwe, B.A.

Helminthologia 23(3): 165-172


A survey of sixteen domestic and wild animals (including two species of land snails) yielded twenty-one species belonging to eighteen genera of possible zoonotic parasites. The zoonotic status of the genera Trichuris, Gongylonema, Habronema, and of Ascaris suum observed during this survey are unknown. The incidences of well known zoonotic parasites or diseases (Armillifer armillatus, toxocariasis, larva migrans) in man are yet to be determined by reports of clinical cases in hospitals. Although Fasciola gigantica and Inermicapsifer sp., are common parasites of cattle and the wild giant-rat, there are no known records of human infections in Bendel State. Echinococcus granulosus, and Trichinella spiralis are conspicuously absent in the area of survey.