Contribution to the knowledge of the zoonotic helminths in Portugal: intestinal parasitic helminths of dogs (Canis familiaris) in Seixal municipality

Gracio, M.A.A.; Pinto, A.; Costa, A.B. da

Acta Parasitologica Portuguesa 5(2): 37-40


Several zoonotic diseases are due to helminths which infect dogs (Canis familiaris). Our immunological studies carried out in the Medical Helminthology and Malacology Unit, have shown the important role of helminthic zoonoses between the parasitic diseases occurring in Portugal. For these reasons, intestinal helminths of dogs are beeing investigated. In this research a total of 61 dogs were studied and 42 have been found positive for intestinal helminths, a prevalence of 68.85%.