Relation between weather parameters and karnal bunt in wheat

Singh, D.; Singh, R.; Rao, V.U.M.; Karwasra, S.S.; Beniwal, M.S.

Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 66(9): 522-525


An experiment was conducted to study the relation between weather parameters and karnal bunt (Neovossia indica (Mitra) Mundkur) of wheat (Triticum aestivum L. emend. Fiori and Paol.). The relation obtained between the meteorological parameters and the average infection of karnal bunt in wheat was weak for standard meteorological weeks 7 and 8. However the occurrence of rains during standard meteorological week 9 resulted in substantial change of R-2 (coefficient of determination) values of meteorological parameters like maximum temperature (0.5-0.6) and relative humidity at evening (0.6-0.7). Multiple regression models have better applicability and by use of 3 or 4 meteorological parameters one may predict the karnal bunt infection with reasonable reliability. The multiple regression model using different weather parameters for standard week 12 was found the best.