Demineralization of skimmed milk by electrodialysis with ion exchange and acetylcellulose membrane

Min, C.H.; Nomura, D.

Membrane 12(2): 106-112


The fouling of ion exchange membranes during the demineralization of skimmed milk was prevented by attaching acetylcellulose membrane on an ion exchange membrane in the deashing compartment. Through the use of this method, the adsorption of proteins on ion exchange membrane was prevented. As a result, during the continuous demineralization operation, the linear velocity in the deasing compartments was only little changed and the demineralization operation, went satisfactorily. The pH change in the skimmed milk solution demineralized with this method was also negligible compared with that of the operation with ion exchange membrane only. The decrease of the specific conductivities was the same whether the skimmed milk was demineralized with or without the use of acetylcellulose membrane during the first 4 hours of the demineralization operation. The permeate fluxes of water through the acetylcellulose membrane before and after the continuous demineralization operation were equal, thus showing that acetylcellulose membrane was not fouled and this method was effective in the continuous demineralization operation of proteins and other materials solution.