Studies on the blends of different pulses bengal gram, green gram, lentils and arhar in the preparation of North Indian spiced papads

Saxena, A.K.; Kulkarni, S.G.; Manan, J.K.; Berry, S.K.

Journal of Food Science & Technology 26(3): 133-136


The possibility of preparation of papads from different dhal (dehusked split pulses) flours with or without the addition of blackgram dhal (Phaseolus mungo L.) flour has been examined. Only blends of dhal flours comprising blackgram:Bengalgram (70:30), blackgram:arhar (80:20), blackgram:greengram:lentils (60:25:15) and blackgram:lentil (80:20) yielded papads with acceptable physico-chemical and sensory quality attributes. The papads prepared from the blend of blackgram:greengram:lentils (60:25:15) showed better colour, aroma, taste and texture.