Nutritional quality of the proteins of blends of wheat and rice with bengal gram, red gram or black gram

Chandrasekharappa, G.

Nutrition Reports International 19(3): 401-410


The protein quality of different combinations of wheat and rice with Bengal gram, red gram or black gram was judged by the growth rate of rats and protein efficiency ratios [PER] EFR of wheat proteins at 10% level was 1.66 and that of Bengal gram proteins at same level was 2.05. Supplementation of wheat with Bengal gram to the extent of 12% increased the growth rate as well as PER significantly. Of the various blends of wheat and Bengal gram tested 60:40 protein ratio was found to give the highest PER of 2.5. No supplementary effect was observed when rice protein was supplemented with red gram or black gram. Liver fat content of rats fed mainly on rice diet was found to be 25.3% on dry basis. Increases in the proportion of protein contributed by black gram in a rice diet lowered the liver fat content. A mixture containing a proportion of 76:24 of rice and black gram when fed to the rats lowered the liver fat content to a normal level.