Respiratory activity during germination of osmotically preconditioned and coated pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) seeds

Sampaio, T.G.; Sampaio, N.V.; Duran, J.M.

Revista Cientifica Rural 4(1): 1-7


C. annuum (cv. Buteken) seeds were held in 0.3 M KNO3 for 4 days, with or without subsequent seed coating, or in distilled water for 2 days. Respiration was measured over 48 h in treated and control seeds held at 15, 25 or 35 degrees C. CO2 exchange during the first 12 h increased as temperature increased. Osmoconditioned seeds showed greater uniformity of respiration over the 48 h. The respiratory quotient was highest at 15 and 25 degrees C.