Germination studies of clay coated sweet pepper capsicum annuum cultivar early calwonder seeds

Sachs, M.; Cantliffe, D.J.; Nell, T.A.

Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 106(3): 385-389


Seed germination of sweet pepper (C. annuum L.) is inhibited after the seed is coated. The inhibitory effect of pellet-coating of 'Early Calwonder' pepper seed was caused by the physical properties of the coating materials. Clay coating limited part of the O2 from reaching the germinating seed and provided a mechanical barrier to protrusion of the radicle. Clay-coated pepper seed germinated satisfactorily on filter paper in a high O2 environment or with minimum moisture on agar. Pellet coating formulations which would provide more O2 to the inhibibing seed would assure comparable germination of raw and coated sweet pepper seed.