The effect on the concentrations of serum protein and fractions and on the calcium and phosphorus levels of feeding infants a formula having a low protein with a lactalbumin : casein ratio and calcium and phosphorus content approximating that found in human milk

Pincus, J.B.; Gittleman, I.F.

American Journal of Diseases of Children 102(4): 629-630


For 3 wk. infants were fed (i) human milk, (ii) a milk formula containing 2.4 g. protein, 75 mg. Ca and 50 mg. P/100 ml. and a lactalbumin: casein ratio similar to that observed in cows' milk and (iii) a formula containing 1.2 g. protein, 32 mg. Ca and 18 mg. P/100 ml. and a lactalbumin: casein ratio of 3: 2, similar to that in human milk. The incidence of hypocalcaemia was 2% in (iii) compared with 17% in (ii) and 0% in (i). Serum P levels were lower in (iii) than (ii) but higher than (i).