Calcium and phosphorus studies. 7. The effects of variations in dosage of parathormone and of calcium and phosphorus in the diet on the concentrations of calcium and inorganic phosphorus in the serum and on the histology and clinical composition of the bones of rats

Shelling, D.H.; Asher, D.E.; Jackson, D.A.

Bulletin of the Johns Hopkins Hospital 53: 348-389


With stock diets (Ca: P = 1.1: 1) parathormone produced hyperostosis, and with higher doses, osteitis fibrosa. With diets containing optimal Ca and high P (Ca: P = 1: 2.3) relatively lower doses of parathormone produced fibrosis. The hormone failed to prevent rickets. Moderate hypercalcaemia and hyperphosphataemia resulted from parathormone administration; the hyperphosphataemia depended on the dose of hormone and on the P intake.