The effect of supplementing a poor Indian ragi diet with L-lysine and DL-threonine on the digestibility coefficient, biological value and net utilization of the proteins and on nitrogen retention in children

Daniel, V.A.; Leela, R.; Doraiswamy, T.R.; Rajalakshmi, D.; Rao, S.V.; Swaminathan, M.; Parpia, H.A.B.

Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics 2: 138-143


Eight girls, 11 or 12 years of age, in a boarding home in Mysore City were given during 5 successive 8-day periods a diet based on ragi, the ragi diet supplemented with 0.9 g L-lysine or with 0.9 g L-lysine and 0 58 g DL-threonine per day, a diet with a high content of skimmed milk powder and a diet low in protein.