Manufacture of evaporated milk 'otbornoe'

Bystrushkin, N.E.; Karneeva, T.S.; Zhukova, I.I.

Molochnaya Promyshlennost' (2): 32-34


The process, worked out in experimental production, for the manufacture of a high TS (31-32%) evaporated milk 'otbornoe' includes the following stages: standardization of milk with skim-milk or cream (all negative in 80% alcohol test), concentration in an evaporator at 79-80 deg C in the first, 66-67 deg C in the second and 50-52 deg C in the third effect, 2-stage homogenization at 180-190 and 30-35 kgf/cm2, addition of a stabilizer (e.g. 0.1-0.25% di-sodium phosphate), pre-heating at 130 deg C for 30 s, and sterilization at 116 deg C for 15 min, or at 114 deg C for 12.5 min when nisin is added. Advantages of this product in comparison to ordinary evaporated milk with 26% TS include increased nutritional value and reduced requirements for packaging material and transport (in relation to the amounts of solids handled).