Development of vaccine against chlamydiosis in cats, dogs and fur-bearing animals

Obukhov, I.L.; Nagieva, F.G.; Gruzdev, K.N.; Kumalagova, K.I.

Sel'skokhozyaistvennaya Biologiya (2): 68-79


The authors developed vaccine "ChlamyKon" against chlamydiosis in cats, dogs and furbearing animals on the basis of high immunogenic strains K-1 and C-1, isolated from sick cats and dogs. The pathogenicity of K-1 and C-1 strains was tested. The procedure of chlamydia cultivation on cell culture of chick embryos was prepared. It was described the technique and conditions of inactivation of chlamydia cells, and also the technical scheme of vaccine production. The results of estimation of vaccine "ChlamyKon" effectiveness compare with prophylactic chlamydia preparations were presented. It was shown, that double immunization of cats starting from 9 week of age leads to antibodies formation in the titers 1:320-1:1280 and protects 95,8% of the animals from experimental infection during one year. The introduction of the vaccine to cats before pairing protects newborn kittens in 72,7%. Immunogenic vaccine activity is stable at the temperature 4-6 degreeC for 12 month with titer of infective activity 4,0 lg of fluorescent inclusions.