Ectoparasites infesting commensal rodents in a rural area of Egypt, with special reference to newly recorded species

Marzouk, A.S.; Main, A.J.; Soliman, S.S.; Montasser, A.A.

International Journal of Scientific Research 15: 67-72


Ectoparasites and phoretic arthropods were recovered from three commensal rodent species, Rattus rattus, Rattus norvegicus and Mus musculus, collected from three villages near the city of Bilbeis in Sharqiya Governorate, Egypt. A total of 67,300 ectoparasites were collected, 20,643 from 242 R. rattus, 40,997 from 277 R. norvegicus, and 5,660 from 55 M. musculus. Ectoparasites included twenty-one species: fourteen mites, four fleas and three lice. Individuals of eight common ectoparasite species formed 92.7% of the total number collected. They included three mites, three fleas and one louse species on both rat hosts and one mite species recovered from the house mouse. The mites Radfordia ensifera, Trichoecius sp., Myobia musculi, Myocoptes musculinus, and Afrolistrophorus sp. are recorded for the first time from Egypt. The presence of Trichoecius sp. on R. norvegicus represents a new host-ectoparasite association.