Carbon di oxide and ethylene evolution by highbush blueberry fruit

Windus, N.D.; Shutak, V.G.; Gough, R.E.

Hortscience 11(5): 515-517


Highbush blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) of 7 cultivars were harvested and visually separated into color grades: immature green, mature green, green-pink, blue-pink, blue and ripe. The rates of respiration over a 5 yr period and C2H4 evolution over a 3 yr period of each color grade were determined using an IR gas analyzer and a gas chromatograph, respectively. The rate of respiration of the berries generally increased from the immature green to a peak at the green-pink or blue-pink stage. C2H4 generally increased to a peak at green-pink. Both patterns are characteristic of climacteric type fruit.