A comparison of independent determinations of the canopy conductance for carbon dioxide, water vapor and ozone exchange at selected sites in the San Joaquin valley of California

Massman, W.J.; Pederson, J.; Delany, A.; Hartog, G. den; Neumann, H.H.; Grantz, D.; Oncley, S.P.; Pearson, R.J.

Conference on Hydroclimatology, 17-22 Jan 1993, Anaheim, California, USA: 112-117


The study reported comprises part of the programme California Ozone Deposition Experiment (CODE). It was conducted at 2 agricultural sites (growing grapes and cotton) in the San Joaquin Valley. The eddy covariance method was used to measure the vertical fluxes of O3, CO2, water vapour, heat and momentum. Flux data were obtained almost half-hourly from data recorded at 10 or 20 Hz.