Chemical control of the cabbage stem flea beetle (Psylliodes chrysocephala) on winter oilseed rape

Alford, D.V.

Annals of Applied Biology 85(3): 369-374


In East Anglia [England], from 1974-1976, field experiments were carried out on the chemical control of the cabbage stem flea beetle [P. chrysocephala (L.)]. Carbofuran, 5% granules, proved an outstanding autumn preventive and mid-winter eradicant treatment under wet and dry conditions, with 1.5-2.24 kg a.i.[active ingradient]/ha giving virtually 100% control of larvae. Fonofos and phorate granules at 2.24 kg a.i./ha were also effective. AC 92 100 and thiofanox granules were less extensively tested but both gave good control of P. chrysocephala. Several materials showed little or no activity against the pest. The effective preventive granule treatments were all superior to a standard spray of gamma-HCH.