Effect of banded fertilizers on soil solution composition and short-term root growth I. Ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, potassium nitrate and calcium nitrate

Moody, P.W.; Aitken, R.L.; Yo, S.A.; Edwards, D.G.; Bell, L.C.

Australian Journal of Soil Research 33(4): 673-687


To simulate the effects of banded fertilizer on soil solution composition, layers of KNO3, NH4NO3, Ca(NO3)2.4H20 or (NH4)2SO4 were placed in contact with soil columns and allowed to equilibrate for 5 days at a moisture content equivalent to 10 kPa matric suction. Five soils were used in the columns: 0-10 cm samples from a kurosol (Ustic Paleustalf), a ferrosol (Tropeptic Eutrustox), a vertosol (Udic Paleustert) and a kandosol (Rhodic Kanhaplustalf), and a 50-60 cm sample from the kandosol.