Helminth parasites of fishes from the Arabian gulf. 1. Preliminary general survey of fishes mainly from Qatari waters

Saoud, M.F.A.; Ramadan, M.M.; Al-Kawari, K.S.R.

Qatar University Science Bulletin 6: 199-230


The present work reports the results of a preliminary survey on the helminth parasites of some fish, caught mainly from Qatari waters in the Arabian Gulf. The incidence of helminth infections varied in various fish families, being lowest in Sparidae and highest in Serranidae. Pure infections with trematodes were common, but similar infections with nematodes, cestodes and acanthocephala were less frequent. The majority of double infections with two groups of helminth parasites had trematodes in combination with either nematodes, cestodes or acanthocephala, while simultaneous double infections of nematodes with either cestodes or acantocephala were less common. Rarely, fish had simultaneous triple or quadruple infections, with various groups of helminths. Certain species of fish had infections with one genus of trematodes, whereas infections with 2-7 genera of trematodes were reported in other species. 18 genera of digenetic trematodes [Hamacreadium, Podocotyle, Proenenterum, Pseudoplegioporus, Rhagorchis, Lepidapedon, Derogenes, Ectenurus, Monorcheides, Lecithochirium, Prosorchis, Metadena, Allacanthochasmus, Bucephalopsis, Rhibidocotyle, Proctotrema, Paraprocotreme and Prosorhynches] are recorded for the first time in the Arabian Gulf. Host specificity at the generic level was considered. In certain instances, a particular genus of trematodes was restricted to one species of fish, but in other cases, host specificity was less marked, with certain trematode genera being found in 2-9 species of fish. In one species, a correlation was observed between the incidence and intensity of the trematode infection.