A general survey on the helminth parasites of some elasmobranchs from the Egyptian coastal waters of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea

Saoud, M.F.A.; Hassan, S.H.

Bulletin of the Faculty of Science, King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah 7: 70-81


Of 1151 elasmobranch fish from the Mediterranean and Red Sea coasts of Egypt, 289 had cestodes only, 38 had nematodes only and 83 had both. No trematodes were found. Of 7 fish species examined, helminths were found in 5, i.e. Taeniura lymma (67% infected), Dasyatis sephen (46%), Rhinobatus granulatus (40%), D. uarnak (38%) and Raja circularis (32%). No helminths were found in 112 Aetobatus narinasi or in 96 Torpedo panthera. Prevalence rates are listed for the 7 cestode genera present.