Increased yield in the olive (Olea europaea) with putrescine treatment

Rugini, E.; Mencuccini, M.

Hortscience 20(1): 102-103


Aqueous solutions of putrescine and putrescine dichloride were sprayed on flowers and fruit of self-incompatible olive (O. europaea L.) 'Leccino' and 'Pendolino'. Both diamine formulas increased fruit-set and yield when applied on flowers before anthesis ('Pendolino') and at full bloom ('Leccino'), but they slightly decreased fresh fruit weight. Putrescine dichloride was more effective than putrescine base, stimulating fruit-set with 5 .times. 10-2 M solution compared to 5 .times. 10-1 M to 1 M of putrescine base.