Prediction of foaling time by measurement of calcium carbonate in pre-foaling mammary secretion using a quantitative colorimetric test kit

Yamaguchi, T.; Kaneko, S.; Nakao, T.; Oka, A.; Moriyoshi, M.; Nakada, K.

Journal of Veterinary Medicine 50(5): 371-375


A quantitative colorimetric test kit (Foal Watch) for predicting foaling time was examined in 79 heavy draught mares (38 Percherons and 41 Bretonnes). Pre-foaling mammary secretions were collected once daily at 16.00 h when the mammary development, waxing on the ends of the teats, and relaxation of the sacrosciatic ligaments were noted; 45 (95.7%) of the 47 mares that had CaCo3 concentrations of <200 ppm did not foal within 24 h.