Microbiological aspects during processing of Prato cheese enriched with concentrated whey proteins cwp recovered by ultrafiltration

Torrano, A.D.M.; Juliano, A.M.D.M.; Petrus, J.C.C.

Arquivos de Biologia e Tecnologia (Curitiba) 32(2): 319-324


Sixteen batches of Prato cheese, run in duplicate, were processed with grade C, 3.2% fat, pasteurized milk. One run was processed in the traditional way and in the second run the milk was previously enriched with concentrated whey proteins (CWP) recovered by ultrafiltration from run one. The mean total mesophilic counts increased about ten fold during concentation of Prato cheese whey and the mean counts were 9.2 .times. 103, 6.4 .times. 101 and < 1 for mesophilic, yeast/fungi and coliforms respectively in CWP after heat at 80 .degree.C for 3 min. Although the total final counts for mesophilic and coliforms did not change significantly in both cheese, there was a significant increase in the number of yeast/fungi for Prato cheese enriched with CWP.