Antibiotic concentrations in milk and blood serum after the parenteral injection of antibiotics in cows with experimentally infected udders

Unal, E.F.

Veteriner Fakultesi Dergisi, Uludag Universitesi 8-9(1-3): 163-170


Each of 5 cows with healthy udders was inoculated with 1 x 105 Streptococcus uberis through a teat wall. Symptoms of mastitis appeared 96 h later, when 2 cows were treated i.m. with ampicillin trihydrate at 20 mg/kg and 5 with benzylpenicillin potassium at 10 000 IU/kg plus procaine penicillin at 20 000 IU/kg. In all animals antibiotic concentrations of more than 2 x MIC appeared in 1 h in the blood serum and in the milk from the infected teats and persisted for 24 h.