On the Corynebacteria occurring in Milk from clinically Normal Cow Udders

Bendixen, H.C.

Transactions of the Fifth Scandinavian Pathological Congress, Suppl. 11: 187-191


The author examined 288 samples of milk from single quarters of 73 cows in 6 herds. Of these, 31.9 per cent. showed streptococci, 18.9 per cent. micrococci, 28.3 per cent. corynebacteria, 9.4 per cent. corynebacteria and other bacteria, 2.8 per cent. Br. abortus and 18.4 per cent. no organisms. The corynebacteria, which caused little or no disturbance, were demonstrated microscopically in centrifuged deposit from 7.9 per cent. of samples.