Pathogenicity of free-living amoebae isolated from various places in Seoul

Soh, C.T.; Im, K.I.; Chang, B.P.; Hwang, H.K.

Abstracts of Papers Read at the 5th International Congress on Protozoology, New York City, 26 June 2 July, 1977: 412


In Seoul, South Korea, 32 strains of free-living amoebae were collected from sewage. 3 strains showed pathogenicity to mice; Naegleria sp. YM-1 and Acanthamoeba spp. YM-2 and YM-3. Each mouse was inoculated intranasally with 2 X 103 amoebae. Up to the 3rd day after the infection all the mice were normal. From the 4th day, visible signs of distress and central nervous symptoms appeared, usually followed by acute meningoencephalitis and death on the 9th day.