Study of the pathogenicity of free living amoebae isolated from the intestinal tract of reptiles

Chamorro, L.; Madrigal Sesma, M.J.; Zapatero Ramos, L.M.

Experimental Parasitology 65(1): 154-155


All of 7 strains of Acanthamoeba (isolated from the intestine of Tarentola delalandii) inoculated intranasally with groups of 6 BALB/c mice (30 000 trophozoites each) reached the lungs, but only 2 (Asp3 and Asp4) reached the brain, and caused 50% and 16% mortality respectively, after 15 days. In a longer trial (40 days) one of these strains (Asp3) caused 60% mortality; the mice died 4 to 13 days after inoculation and had amoebae in the lungs and brain.