Application of sodium humate with pesticides and trace elements

Lakhidov, A.I.; Ovcharenko, M.M.; Kondratenko, A.N.

Khimizatsiya Sel' skogo Khozyaistva 1991(6): 15-16


In trials in 1987-89 with winter wheat grown in the Voronezh region, foliar applications of (a) 0.09 kg sodium humate + 1 kg metaphos ha, (b) as (a) + 0.5 kg Bayleton (c) as (a) + 4 kg polycarbacin + 20 g B + 30 g Zn and (d) as (a) + 3 kg zineb + B + Zn gave av. grain yields of 4.66-4.78 t/ha compared with 4.46 t in the untreated control. The treatments had no adverse effect on grain quality; (a) significantly increased 100-grain wt.