Yield and nutritive value of five different fodder sorghums (Sorghum vulgare Pers.) and their silages

Teixeira Filho, J.R.; Silva, D.J. da; Tafuri, M.L.; Gomide, J.A.

Revista Ceres 24(135): 530-583


In a field trial the fodder sorghum Duet, NK-300, Pioneer-931, AG-Sart and Santa Eliza were sown on 24 Oct. 1974 in rows 0.7 m apart with 12 seedlings/m row. NPK (40:90:60) fertilizer was applied at 693 kg/ha at sowing and 200 kg ammonium sulphate/ha broadcast 30 days after germination.Herbage was cut after the milk-ripe stage and ensiled in plastic bags for 50 days. Fresh herbage and silages of all varied in terms of soluble carbohydrates, cell-wall constituents, CP and DM contents.