Inheritance of productivity in crosses between short-stemmed and tall-stemmed barley cultivars

Enchev, Y.; Ganusheva, N.

Genetika i Selektsiya 19(2): 138-143


In F1 crosses between the short stemmed mutant form EM and tall stemmed cultivars of winter two-row brewing barley was observed a variable mode of inheritance regarding plant height, length of main spike and grain weight per spike (overdominance, complete and partial dominance). It is assumed that this is due to the different combining abilities of the parental cultivars selected for their contrasting characters. High coefficients of heritability have been found in the hybrid combinations studied (EM .times. Alpha, EM .times. 234 and EM .times. Sofia 3) for plant height, main spike length and grain weight per spike. This proves that in the general performance of this character genetic factors have a more significant influence, therefore an effect of selection can be expected even in earlier hybrid generations (F2-F3).