The genetic control of common spring wheat growth-rhythm in drought. I. hybrids F1 and F2 short stemmed x medium stemmed and tall stemmed cultivars

Tsil'ke, R.A.; Gerasimenko, I.I.

Genetika 23(2): 325-335


The plant growth rhythm of two short-stemmed and eight medium- and tall-stemmed varieties, as well as fourteen F1 and F2 hybrids of common spring wheat was studied. The plant growth appeared to vary, depending on genotype and environmental conditions. The parents differed markedly in the rate of growth processes, with Saratovskaya 29 variety characerized by the highest growth rate under the drought conditions. On the whole, F1 hybrids are characterized by a lower growth rate than F2 hybrids, which is brought about by inhibition of growth processes, due to dominant genes. The segregation of homozygotes with recessive genes leads to disappearance of the inhibiting effect in F2 plants. It is supposed that a change of the inheritance nature of the character in question during ontogenesis is one of the causes for instability of genetic parameters in the plant structural elements.