Twig girdler (Oncideres spp.) damage to Acacia, Albizia, Leucaena and Prosopis in the new world

Felker, P.; Reyes, I.; Smith, D.

Nitrogen Fixing Tree Research Reports 1: 44-45


In S. Texas, Oncideres rhodosticta severs small branches (diam. 1 cm, length 0.5 m) preferring Prosopis but occasionally damaging Leucaena. The larger O. pustulatus severs branches of diam. 3-4 cm and length <less or =>3 m, preferring Acacia farnesiana, Leucaena pulverulenta and L. leucocephala but also attacking Albizia julibrissin, Prosopis alba and P. chilensis. Toxaphene gave 2-wk control of O. rhodosticta but was phytotoxic to Leucaena.