Studies on the feed efficiency of comfrey for pigs

Nakanishi, G.; Akahori, M.; Ohmi, T.; Niwa, Y.

Bulletin of the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Nihon University (35): 271-281


The feed efficiency of comfrey for pigs was studied in 4 fattening tests in which comfrey was given in place of the concentrated feed. About 10-25% of the concentrated feed can be substituted by raw comfrey without yielding any difference in the increase of body weight, as long as the TDN [total digestible N] of the bait is adjusted. The feed conversion ratio, TDN conversion ratio and the carcass of the pig do not show any significant differences between the concentrated feed group and the comfrey groups. When the substitution ratio of comfrey is high, TDN becomes short and must be supplied by addition of animal fats [tallow]. Comfrey can be given all year.