Effect of fertilization rates and sources on rabbiteye blueberry

Spiers, J.M.

Hortscience 22(5 Section 1): 724


Rabbiteye blueberries (Vaccinium ashei Reade) were fertilized with various sources and rates of nutrients over a 4-year period. There were no positive differences in plant growth responses to fertilizer source or rate. At the 80 g/plant rate, plants fertilized with Ca(NO3)2 were chlorotic and lower in plant height and vigor than control (no fertilizer) plants. Plants treated with 160 g of either 13N-6P-11K fast release, (NH4)2SO4, or Ca(NO3)2 fertilizer were shorter than control plants. Plants fertilized with cottonseed meal, 14N-6P-12K slow release, and NH4NO3 did not differ from control plants, regardless of application rate. Fruit yield was highest at the 40 g/plant rate regardless of fertilizer source.