Effects of incorporating chemical light sources in CDC traps Differences in the capture rates of neotropical Culex, Anopheles and Uranotaenia

Rogers, E.; Sholdt, L.L.nce; Falcon, R.

Pan-Pacific Entomologist 69(2): 141-148


Differential attraction of mosquitoes to chemical and incandescent light sources was compared using battery operated suction traps placed in a tropical lowland forest. Females of Culex adamesi Sirivanakarn, Cx. amazonensis (Lutz), Cx. corniger Theobald, Cx. declarator Dyar and Knab, Anopheles mattogrossensis Lutz and Neiva, Aediomyia squamipennis (Lynch), Mansonia amazonensis (Theobald), Uranotaenia apicalis Theobald, and Ur. geometrica Theobald were significantly attracted to chemically produced light. Light sources influenced the number of species attracted, the time (trap-nights) necessary to detect them, and the numbers of specimens collected per species.