Effect of different sources and rates of nitrogen and supra-optimal level of potassium fertilization on growth, yield and nutrient uptake by sugarcane grown under saline conditions

Ashraf,M.Y.; FaqirHussain; Javed; Akhtar; AttiyaGul; Ross,M.; Ebert,G.

Pakistan Journal of Botany 4: 1521-1531


The results of our pervious studies indicated that application of potassium @150 kg K<sub>2</sub>O ha<sup>-1</sup> is effective in achieving economical sugarcane yield and optimum nutrient uptake under saline conditions. Keeping in view these findings, experiments were conducted on salt-affected soils at three sites of Punjab, Pakistan to select a suitable source and rate of N for obtaining optimum sugarcane yield and nutrient uptake from salt-affected soils.