Cyto genetic differentiation of forms in the group of pamir microtus juldaschi and carruthers microtus carruthersi voles mammalia microtinae and data on their reproductive isolation

Gileva, E.A.; Bol'shakov, V.N.; Chernousova, N.F.; Mamina, V.P.

Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 61(6): 912-922


In the Pamir (M. juldaschi Severtzov, 1879) and Carruther's (M. carruthersi Thomas, 1909) voles from 5 populations of Pamiro-Alai and Tien-Shan [Kirgiz SSR, USSR], 2n = 54. The Pamir voles caught near the village Chechekty and Lake Karakul are characterized by a similar morphology of chromosomes. Three forms of Carruther's and Pamir voles from 2 populations differ from each other by 3-4 pericentric inversions. By the character of C- and G-banding as well as by the results of laboratory crosses, the voles of Pamiro-Alai, whether they belong to M. juldaschi or M. carruthersi, form a single group; the Carruther's voles of the western Tien-Shan occupy a separate position. The boundaries between the species M. juldaschi and M. carruthersi are to be reconsidered.