Studies on Schistosomiasis mansoni in Puerto Rico. II. Epidemiology and geographical distribution of Schistosomiasis mansoni in Puerto Rico, 2. A survey of intestinal parasites in endemic Schistosomiasis areas in Puerto Rico

Faust, E.C.; Huffman, W.A.; Jones, C.A.; Janer, J.L.

Puerto Rico Journal of Public Health and Tropical Medicine 9(4): 447-471


An investigation of the Puerto Rican population based on 1, 003 individuals, shows Ascaris in 9-9 per cent., Hookworm in 33-5 per cent., Trichuris in 44-6 per cent., Strongyloides in 4-6 per cent., Enterobius in 0-4 per cent., Hymenolepis nana in o-I per cent, and Schistosoma mansoni in 12-2 per cent.