Solitary wasps of the family Eumenidae (Hymenoptera, Vespoidea) in the fauna of the USSR 7. Subfamilies Raphiglossinae and Discoeliinae)

Kurzenko, N.V.

Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 57(6): 867-872


The family Eumenidae is represented in the fauna of the USSR by 3 subfamilies, 42 genera and 270-280 spp. Two genera and 4 spp. belong to the subfamily Raphiglossinae and 1 genus and 3 spp. to the subfamily Discoeliinae (= Zethinae). Keys are given for 3 subfamilies, 4 Palearctic genera, 7 spp. and 2 sspp. of the Raphiglossinae and Discoeliinae found in the USSR. Lectotypes were designated for Psiliglossa odyneroides kozhantshikovi Kost. and Discoelius pictus Kost. The taxonomic rank of P. zhelochovtsevi Panf. is lowered to the level of subspecies P. pulchra zhelochovtsevi Panf. Species included in keys are: P. pulchra, Raphiglossa eumenoides, R. formosa, R. eumenoides caucasica, Discoelius dufourii and D. zonalis. .