Notable vespoid wasps of the Ethiopian region part 3 Hymenoptera, Vespoidea, Eumenidae Ueber bemerkenswerte Faltenwespen aus der aethiopischen Region Teil 3 Hymenoptera, Vespoidea, Eumenidae

Gusenleitner, J.

Linzer Biologische Beiträge 37(2): 1177-1198


On 17 species of Eumenidae, collected in the Ethiopian Region are reported. Ten new species, one new subspecies and the unknown sex of three species are described. New species are Zethus guineensis nova spec. /, from Guinea, Synagris (Paragris) biplagiatus nova spec. /, from South Africa, Micreumenes brevicornis nova spec. ?, /, from Zambia, Leptomenes extremus nova spec. ?, from Madagascar, Antepipona multimaculata nova spec. /, from Kenya, Antepipona carinata nova spec. /, from Kenya, Antepipona tricolor nova spec. ?, /, from Kenya, Antepipona splendida nova spec. /, from Tanzania, Antepipona agnata nova spec. /, from Zambia, Ovodynerus ashtonensis nova spec. ?, from South Africa. New subspecies is Tuleara leptochiloides nigritus nova subspec. ? from Madagascar. The unknown sex of Stroudia hirta GUSENLEITNER /, Antepipona nicotrae GIORDANI SOIKA ? and Antepipona penetrata CAMERON ? are described.