Nectar robbing by solitary wasps hymenoptera vespoidea eumenidae

Haeseler, V.

Entomologia Generalis 6(1): 49-55


Nectar robbing by solitary wasps [Eumenidae] is reported for the 1st time .female.female. and .male.male. of Pterocheilus phaleratus (Panzer 1797) were observed robbing nectar on flowers of Anchusa officinalis Linnaeus 1753, and Erica tetralix Linnaeus 1753; .female.female. of Ancistrocerus scoticus (Curtis 1826) were observed on Linaria vulgaris Miller 1768. All observations were made in the grey dunes area of the North Sea island Nordernev [West Germany]. This abnormal way of getting food in relation to the small food supply is interpreted as atypical reaction. To what extent Eumenidae in other ecosystems get their food in this manner must be examined.