Auditory neurons in the brain of the cricket gryllus bimaculatus ascending inter neurons

Boyan, G.S.; Williams, J.L.D.

Journal of Insect Physiology 28(6): 493-502


Two types of auditory interneuron which ascend from the prothoracic ganglion to the brain in the cricket G. bimaculatus (De Geer) are described. Intracellular recordings were made from the axons of the neurons in the brain under closed-field stimulus conditions and the recorded cells then stained with either Co or Luciver Yellow. Both neuron types.sbd.the Plurisegmental ascending low frequency neuron 1 (PALF1) and the Plurisegmental ascending high frequency neuron 1 (PAHF1) response characteristics which make them well suited to encoding the conspecific calling and courtship songs respectively. The projection areas of both neuron types in the brain overlap those of previously identified intraganglionic interneurons, particularly in the anterior-ventral protocerebrum and it is suggested that an auditory neuropile may exist in this region.