Cytogenetic studies in the genus narcissus iv. cytology of a naturalized variety of narcissus tazetta from kashmir india

Karihaloo, J.L.; Koul, A.K.

Cytologia 50(2): 265-274


A variety of Narcissus tazetta L., tentatively named 'Kashmir Local', is widely cultivated and naturalized in Kashmir. It bears bicoloured, strongly scented 'single' or 'double' flowers. This variety is a segmental allotriploid bearing 30 chromosomes in root tip cells. Average chromosome association per cell at metaphase I of meiosis is 0.08 VI, 0.08 V, 0.46 IV, 6.77 III, 2.31 II, 2.38 I. All the eight collections studied have a telocentric SAT-chromosome. Pollen grains possess 5-30 chromosomes. On account of disproportionate representation of different chromosomes, even hypermonoploid pollen grains do not necessarily carry a complete basic set. No clear relationship could be established between chromosome number of pollen and the proportion of long and short chromosomes.