Comparative mapping of the vegetation of the island of Borkum and exemplary registration of change in landscape and vegetation of a North Sea island - Vergleichende Vegetationskartierung der Insel Borkum und beispielhafte Erfassung der Veränderung von Landschaft und Vegetation einer Nordseeinsel

Peters, M.

Dissertationes Botanicae 257: 1-227


This dissertation is written in German with a summary in English. Borkum is the most western of the East Frisian islands, lying off the mouth of the Ems. The vegetation of the island is mapped and analyzed by the Braun-Blanquet method. The floral structure, habitat characteristics, and dissemination of the plant societies are examined along with paleoecological studies of these societies. The text is supplemented by photographs, charts, graphs, diagrams, and maps.