The forest vegetation of the island of Scedra.

Jovancevic, M.

Anali Instituta za Eksperimentalno Šumarstvo Jugoslavenske Akademije Znanosti i Umjetnosti 1: 191-219


Between 1951 and 1953 a survey was made of tree and shrub species on 10 sample plots of 400-900 sq. m. on Scedra. This island, ca. 6.5 km. long and 2.5 km. wide, lies to the south of the island of Hvar on the Dalmatian coast. Individual trees of Quercus ilex are found in the centre, some reaching a height of 10 m. and a d.b.h. of 30-40 cm. Scattered Pinus halepensis to the east shows particularly good regeneration on burnt sites; its former distribution is believed to have been much wider.