The use of Paxirasol in clinical practice

Nagy, G.

Therapia Hungarica 41(3): 100-106


Summarizing the observations of foreign and Hungarian investigators it may be concluded that: 1. Bromhexine is an expectorant of outstanding effect which has virtually no side-effects when used in therapeutic doses; by loosening the thick, sticky mucus in increases the effectivity of mucociliary clearance and hinders the infection of thick excretion sticking to the mucosa. 2. It promotes the diffusion of antibiotics into the lung tissue. 3. Considering the increasingly important aspects of "cost-benefit", the use of drug is also advantageous. 4. In addition to the traditional drug forms (tablet, injection, solution) new forms of the drug (inhalation aerosol, nasal spray) increase its indication field to a high degree. These allow to apply local expectorant-mucolytic therapies and to successfully treat the so-called sicca diseases (rhinitis sicca, pharyngitis sicca, etc.), which frequently occur in laryngological practice and was difficult to influence until present.