Clinical evaluation of nasal spray therapy of histaglobin immunohistochemical evidence of histamine and globulin on nasal mucosa

Kai, S.; Uesugi, K.; Watarai, J.; Iwao, F.; Urushibata, T.; Otake, H.; Takeyama, I.

Practica Otologica Kyoto (Suppl. 48): 39-47


We examined the differences between human IgG and human histamines on the epithelial surface of rabbit nasal mucosa. Examination of the IgG and histamine in rabbit nasal mucosa immunohistologically, revealed that they are both located in the same place on the epithelial surface. The behavior of IgG and histamine in allergic nasal mucosa was examined, but we detected no differences between IgG and histamine. In many clinics the histaglobin (HG) nebulizer is used, and is recognized to be effective. However the patients must come to the hospital for nebulizer treatment, and this makes it very complicated. We have prepared a new capsule, which is made of HG and hydroxypropylcellulose (HPG). The capsule is set in a nasal spray, and inhaled alternately into both nostrils only once a day, because the powder in the capsule remains in the nasal mucosa for a long time. We evaluated the clinical effects of the nasal spray in 15 allergic rhinitis and 14 rhinitis patients. There were no differences in effectiveness between the nasal spray and the nebulizer.