Clinical observations with Paxirasol aerosol in patients suffering from chronic bronchitis accompanying silicosis

Alexy, G.; Lukács, I.; Sárdi, F.

Therapia Hungarica 40(4): 180-184


Paxirasol aerosol applied in daily 3 x 5 puff doses in the treatment of silicosis patients is found to be a well tolerated drug form. In the course of the 21-day therapy especially coughing and chest pain were moderated, but the product also controlled, the catarrhal coat formation on the mucosa. It influenced abundant expectoration and dispnoea beneficially. During the therapy the laboratory parameters did not change. The objective respiratory parameters improved but the change was non-significant. Paxirasol aerosol is found useful in the treatment of chronic bronchitis accompanying silicosis. Evaluable side-effects were not registered.