Pollen morphology in caucasian species of the genus tulipa liliaceae

Daneliya, I.M.; Kosenko, V.N.

Botanicheskii Zhurnal 75(3): 293-298


Pollen morphology in 10 Caucasian and 6 closely related to them species from other localities of the genus Tulipa have been studied. It is shown that the genus is heterogeneous in aperture type and in exine surface. Have been revealed mono-sulcate boat-shaped pollen grains with microreticulate-striate exine and three-aperturate boat-shaped or elliptical ones and also inaperturate pollen grains with foveolate-plicate exine. Palynomorphological data correspond with the subdivision of the genus into the sections Eriostemones and Tulipa. It is supposed that these sections represent two parallel lines of evolution that achieved fairly high degree of specialization.